HostPapa vs. Go Daddy


HostPapa offers you unlimited space and bandwidth to make sure that you’re not left behind. Unlimited storage with a set price is what you expect today, and that’s exactly what you can get.

Added advantages

Most hosting service suppliers these days offer you a similar selection in terms of options, however at HostPapa there’s one thing further they supply that you don’t get anyplace else. They provide you hundreds of dollars worth of credit with numerous promoting suppliers like paid advertising companies etc. This is one thing that nobody else offers and it makes HostPapa distinctive.

Green technology

You would not essentially call this a feature though it will represent the ideals of the management of the corporation. All internet hosting at HostPapa is on 100% green technology which means that if you select to use their service, you may even be doing your bit for the environment.

30 day refund guarantee

Here again, a bit like all the internet hosting suppliers HostPapa is giving you a 100% refund guarantee inside thirty days of registering if you do not like their service. In short, any service supplier that gives you a refund guarantee gets points because it means that they’re confident of their service and place their cash where their mouth is.


Go Daddy

Go Daddy truly prides itself on its client support division. With over 3000 qualified support workers they make sure that no client of theirs suffers at any time. You’ll be able to call them on their toll free numbers, send them an email or perhaps chat on-line. They typically tend to resolve any of your issues inside twenty four hours. This is good service.

Hosting packages and options

They have an outsized array of hosting packages that begin from $9.99 a month. That’s really quite cheap, in comparison to other hosting companies. Add to this the host of other bonuses they provide like credits for paid advertising or Windows hosting, etc. and you’ll be sure that if you select Go Daddy you will be in good hands.

Unlimited bandwidth and space

This is a feature that has become a part of most internet hosting service suppliers today and Go Daddy too offers you unlimited bandwidth and disk storage to ensure you simply don’t ever run out of space for your domain.

Personal data security

The information submitted to Go Daddy is sure to be 100% shielded from being “farmed”. They’ll not sell your knowledge to any third party therefore you won’t be overrun with irritating spam mail because you signed up for their services using your personal or company’s information.

The choice is up to you when it comes to making a decision. Hosting should be about what your company needs so that you don’t have to worry later on. If you are really curious, call both companies and ask about their services. The companies will be able to tell you which features they offer that will be best for you.

HostPapa Plans

HostPapa is a privately owned website hosting company situated in Niagara Falls, NY, and in Toronto Canada. HostPapa is an especially reliable internet hosting company that strives to supply uninterrupted internet service thereby gaining the trust of their customer. Customers above all are valued by HostPapa, and workers of HostPapa go out of their way to facilitate their customers by all possible means. HostPapa’s slogan is there for a reason, because HostPapa strives to treat each single client like a friend.

HostPapa does what several different hosting corporations did within recent times: rather than providing confusing pricing schemes and plenty of totally different internet hosting plans, they provide just one single customizable package.

Their packages begin at just $4.95 per month. This provides a domain that will remain free of charge, unlimited storage, unlimited band width, unlimited email accounts, unlimited databases and unlimited extra domains. Computer geeks are happy to hear that the feature-packed hosting arrangement includes support for the latest programing languages and database architectures, internet Stats and plenty of other additional options.

HostPapa offers $500 in promoting bonuses for helpful external programs like paid advertising and SEO applications, etc. with their hosting set up. Many ecommerce options make it simple to create an internet store, even with SSL for security at sensitive pages and PayPal setup. Multimedia options enable the hosting package to support video content and other dynamic types of animation.

HostPapa provides UNIX operating system primarily based website hosting, employing a shared internet hosting plan alongside an option for merchants.

The shared internet hosting plan provides limitless space and bandwidth and also the chance to host limitless domains in conjunction with your account. The program is listed in keeping with the variety of website hosting you buy. Clients can take one to three year contracts, but having a 3 year contract is the more cost-effective option.

Although shared internet hosting looks to become their specialist space, HostPapa contains a merchant hosting option. You may notice five merchant hosting plans: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium. Each one allows for limitless domains, MySQL databases and 3 IP addresses, and plans are listed depending on what quantity space and bandwidth you’ll need. You’ll be able to obtain the maximum amount of two hundred GB space and 1.4 TB of bandwidth.

HostPapa is absolutely a website hosting company that has a really worldwide feel towards the services they provide. The website, support and lessons may be found in an increasingly large range of languages, which is great for the global market. Its focus is on shared website hosting, and is branching out into merchant hosting. The merchant hosting plans supply additional versatility than the variety of other shared internet hosting corporations.

The organization purchases eco-friendly energy tags from icon voltaic and wind energy suppliers to provide 100 percent of their energy consumption, together with workplace pc systems, laptops and the general work place. This boosts their eco-friendly qualifications

HostPapa Uptime

HostPapa currently serves over 50,000 customers. They like to treat their “family” (as they prefer to call their customers) well, and attempt to produce uninterrupted service, comprehensive tutorials, and the tools required to develop an exciting, accessible, quality website. They have gone 100% eco-friendly, giving eco-sensitive customers the right reason to come to them for their hosting provider plans. HostPapa provides all the everyday options of unlimited hosting provider plans, like auto-install functions, bonded uptime, 24/7 support and technical surveillance or a free domain. They still remain very well priced, with packages beginning at less than $5 per month.

HostPapa provides shared internet hosting. It’s based solely in North American countries and carries the motto ‘eco-friendly web hosting’. Currently there are several competitors that boast on providing an earth friendly service claiming to be backed by eco-friendly energy that doesn’t hurt the environment. However, HostPapa is exclusive because it is certified to be 100% eco-friendly. The nice news for patrons is that with HostPapa’s hosting providers they can additionally advertise their own websites as being earth friendly, which may be done by using the emblem provided on HostPapa’s website.

Linux primarily based web hosting is provided by HostPapa via a shared plan. A plan for resellers is additionally accessible. Unlimited storage and bandwidth at the side of the capability to host unlimited domain names with an account are a number of the options of the shared web hosting set up. It’s most helpful for customers registering a three year contract because that is the most economical. The shared plan provides accessorial advantages like Facebook and Google credits and is one amongst the foremost cheaper services out there. Alternative free extras include WordPress for blogging functions, and access to paid advertising services that are all valuable tools for purchasers.

Along with the shared hosting set up, HostPapa additionally provides five reseller hosting provider plans consisting of unlimited domains, MYSQL databases and three IP addresses. The amounts of bandwidth and storage used confirm the value of those packages, which are a good alternative for the shoppers who will purchase what they use.

The SohoLaunch software system that comes with each HostPapa account may be a sensible addition to the entire package, because it allows users to create their websites with ease and add options like a shopping cart. Customers are assisted by the included cPanel system that makes it easier and safer to form e-commerce websites with accessorial practicality by putting in fifty scripts with only 1 click. Sensible security measures are supplied with protection against spam, password protection and protection against issues with malware.

There are a variety of video tutorials out there in several languages for brand new users, and a decent content to look for answers they’re probing for. HostPapa additionally provides excellent client support. HostPapa representatives are out there 24 hours per day by chat, e-mail and telephone. They’re capable of resolving most of the issues that individuals face with these varieties of service.

All this makes switching to HostPapa easy. It additionally provides a thirty day refund guarantee.

HostPapa Reseller Hosting

HostPapa is a privately owned company situated in New York and Canada. At HostPapa customers are treated as a sort of family. HostPapa understands that customers’ websites are necessary and strive to provide a reliable service. HostPapa has established a solid foundation for supplying a hosting answer for small-to-medium sized businesses that’s reliable, easy-to-use, and client service-oriented, all for a reasonable price. Hosting packages from HostPapa make it easier for everyday people and smaller businesses in particular, to obtain high-powered and skilled services at a fraction of the price.

Since August 2011, HostPapa reseller hosting packages have been accessible for entrepreneurs who wish to supply web hosting to their customers. In addition, with the choices and options for its resellers, HostPapa conjointly offers its plans in English, French or Spanish. Take a glance at what they provide.

HostPapa reseller hosting makes it simple to invest in your own web hosting business – while not having to speculate in big-ticket hardware, bandwidth or IT workers. As a HostPapa reseller, you’ll be able to sell hosting plans to customers underneath your own brand. You customise and manage the web hosting packages you sell, and keep all the money you collect!

The thought of HostPapa’s reseller hosting program is simple: HostPapa sells a set quantity of space and bandwidth; the customer then splits these up and can resell as he or she desires. Resellers will sell below their own brand and charge the costs they need, keeping all cash earned for themselves. In short, there’s no easier method to begin a brand new web hosting business.

The packages include unlimited cPanel accounts and therefore the well-liked WHM administrator cPanel. Reseller purchasers even have access to a website name reseller account, automatic accounting software system, free site builder applications, unlimited email accounts, databases and more!

Attractive web hosting plans will not be as engaging without reliable servers. With HostPapa hosting services, dependability is one thing you don’t need to stress about. HostPapa uses multiple redundancies, reliable server infrastructure and excellent net backbone to fulfill its 99.9% time period guarantee. An entire backup of your web hosting account is made weekly with manual backup conjointly obtainable as an option. The 24/7 technical support is additionally extremely reliable; you’ll even be able to make the most of the free website transfer service if you’re moving from another web hosting company.

The only limits on your HostPapa reseller hosting account are those you choose! There are 5 strong levels of reseller hosting through HostPapa – choose the one that applies to you and get started. Notwithstanding that package you select, you’ll be able to take comfort in knowing your new web hosting business has all the standards, support, expertise and security HostPapa has behind it. Simple, secure – and profitable!

HostPapa WordPress Hosting

It’s challenging for a beginner to decide between the various plans that hosting firms may supply, whereas average users simply wish to bypass this and begin blogging. If your website wants to feature multiple articles and just basic features, then a simple web hosting set up works splendidly.

The basic shared web hosting plan from HostPapa permits unlimited use of bandwidth and storage capacity, and users can host several add-on domains on a single account if they need to.

There are also the e-mail options, like unlimited addresses and email support that you simply must have to go along with your website, and auto responders are provided as well at no extra cost within the package. HostPapa conjointly provides Spam Assassin Protection and password e-mail virus protection, as well as protected directories as customary safety features.

There are different vital aspects which will assist you in verifying the most effective hosting company to start out your WordPress website. These aspects include whether or not a hosting service will provide a 1-click WordPress installer, a particular WordPress support section as well as WordPress hosting plan and finally, if the site has tutorial videos to assist you in understanding WordPress and hosting with ease.

HostPapa’s shared web hosting plan comes with all of the SSL certificates, a singular IP address, and is additionally PayPal compatible, and everything necessary for making sales on your website, as well as a selection of shopping carts, is enclosed as a typical part of the deal.

Other options of shared web hosting from HostPapa embody nice dynamic content support, with multimedia options being specifically included. There also are a bunch of applied math analysis tools in order for you to analyze all of the traffic metrics for your website once it’s running.

HostPapa is additionally certified as being 100% environmentally friendly. This it achieves by purchasing energy credits which are called Green Tags for eco-friendly energy suppliers to reduce the use of power. HostPapa is certified by many environmental organizations. This allows HostPapa to produce green certification for the websites that it’s hosting, permitting users to push their own web sites as being 100% eco-friendly too by using one of the several logos from HostPapa.

The shared hosting includes bonuses which provide options like paid advertising credits, and at $3.95 per month, is among the more economical web hosting packages available. The service is incredibly user friendly. With the eco-friendly requirements, it means that HostPapa is giving the most effective cheap green web hosting service on the market.

They do give wonderful service and dependability and their tools are truly user friendly, however in the end even the most eco-friendly choice still needs to be given sensible value for the costs. For an easy shared web hosting package that has the proper balance of options at an inexpensive value that’s additionally friendly to the environment, it’s hard to search out one that gives the maximum amount as HostPapa.

HostPapa Provides a Green Alternative for Web Hosting

Most of us are concerned with the impact that we have on our environment and want to choose the green option when it is available. Web hosting is no different, and many people now consider the environmental impact that they are having as an important part of their purchasing process. This is especially the case for businesses that are promoting themselves as being environmentally friendly and only partnering with green businesses. In cases like these it will be important to be able to give their websites a green certification, but at the same time, the service still needs to be fully featured, cost effective and user friendly as well.

There are three ways that a web host can be friendly to the environment; either by buying carbon credits to offset their emissions, investing in sustainable energy sources like wind or solar electricity, or by using the best, most efficient technology that uses the energy that is consumed as efficiently as possible. To make sorting through the variety of options easier, we have reviewed the top web hosting companies and compared their services for how easy they are to use, their value for money, and their environmental friendliness, and chosen the best three.


1st: HostPapa Review

HostPapa is a privately owned web hosting company that has been in operation since 2005, and it is focused on the smaller Internet user. Located in Niagara Falls, New York, and Ontario, Canada, HostPapa provides a single, shared web hosting plan that has all of the features that users expect to find. Their deal also includes a free domain and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

The simple shared web hosting plan from HostPapa allows unlimited use of storage space and bandwidth, and users can host as many add-on domains on the same account as they want to. There are also all of the e-mail features, like unlimited addresses and POP3 e-mail support that you need to go with your website, and autoresponders are also included for free in the package. HostPapa also provides Spam Assassin Protection and other e-mail virus protection, as well as password protected directories as standard security features.

All HostPapa web hosting accounts include SohoLaunch web builder software, which is a template based web design platform that allows users to easily customize their websites and includes a built-in shopping cart and other handy features. Of all of the website building programs being used at the moment, this rates as one of the most user friendly and has a constantly expanding set of templates to draw on that are provided by other users. For the more technically minded webmaster, HostPapa also includes the cPanel website management system that allows users to install over 50 scripts with a single click via the Fantastico application. The inclusion of cPanel also adds several more e-mail and security options that users need to make a working e-commerce website.

HostPapa’s shared web hosting plan also comes with all of the SSL pages and certificates, a dedicated IP address, and is also PayPal Merchant compatible so that everything necessary for conducting transactions on your website, including a choice of shopping carts, is included as a standard part of the deal. Other features of shared web hosting from HostPapa include great multimedia support, with both Flash and Shockwave being specifically catered to. There are also a host of statistical analysis tools so that you can stay on top of all of the traffic metrics for your website once it is running.

HostPapa is also certified as being 100% green, which it achieves by buying energy credits called Green Tags for sustainable energy suppliers to offset its own power usage. HostPapa is certified by several environmental organizations, including This enables HostPapa to supply green certification for the websites that it is hosting, allowing users to promote their own websites as being 100% environmentally friendly too by using one of the logos provided by HostPapa on their website.

The shared hosting comes with over $500 worth of added features like Google and Facebook credits, and at $3.95 per month, is one of the least expensive web hosting packages available. The service is very user friendly and when the environmentally friendly protocols are considered as well, it all adds up to HostPapa offering the best value for money green web hosting service available.

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2nd: BlueHost

BlueHost has been in operation in Provo, Utah, since 1996, and in that time they have become one of the largest web hosting companies and an industry leader. Like HostPapa, they provide only a single, flat rate shared web hosting package that comes fully featured for a low rate of $6.95 per month. For this price, BlueHost provides a lot of website building tools as well as unlimited disk space, bandwidth and domain hosting, complete with as many e-mail addresses and MySQL databases as you need to create. This makes BlueHost one of the best value for money shared web hosting services on the market.

Although BlueHost accounts include a simple template-based website builder, the focus is on using cPanel to install one of the many website scripts BlueHost has available, which may not suit the less experienced webmaster. On the other hand, it does give users access to all of the security, e-mail and analytical features that are needed to maintain a website. BlueHost also provides a generous variety of e-commerce solutions like shopping cart software, an SSL secure server for transactions and other features that go into making an e-commerce website. BlueHost includes a free domain name with every shared web hosting account and supplies $100 in Google credits, which is much less than the marketing package that comes as standard from HostPapa.

While BlueHost doesn’t advertise itself as being green because they use the latest technology with blazing fast servers, they are providing the most efficient service possible. Their data center and offices are also in a single location, which reduces their overall energy usage and greatly improves the efficiency of their service. This is reflected in the superb service and technical support that is provided by BlueHost. Overall, even though BlueHost is offering a value packed web hosting service, HostPapa is a bit more user friendly, it is less expensive, and being 100% green is more environmentally friendly than BlueHost.

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3rd: HostGator

Even though HostGator is offering a very environmentally friendly web hosting service, they come in third because of the limited nature of their shared hosting plan. While HostGator is offering some of the services available at both HostPapa and BlueHost, their basic shared web hosting plans don’t include many of the features that are needed to operate a retail website, which makes them less cost effective than the others.  Although they are still a better option than many of the other web hosting services we reviewed, including HostMonster hosting.

The cheapest plan, called the Hatchling Plan, allows for only one domain to be hosted, and users can’t park domains in their account. There are no dedicated IPs or SSL certificates included, and for the fully featured shared web hosting plan that includes these commercial features, the price rate jumps from the much advertised $3.96 to $10.36 per month, making HostGator one of the more expensive web hosts. The focus at HostGator is really on its VPS and dedicated server packages, which are among the most affordable on the market at the moment. They also have an excellent range of reseller packages that give users access to everything that they need to host websites for their own clients.

HostGator supplies SohoLaunch web design software as well as cPanel to make creating a website or installing a script like WordPress or Joomla a simple process, and most users will have their website online within a few hours by using these tools. All of the e-mail features, as well as unlimited disk space and bandwidth, are a standard part of every plan and backed up by HostGator’s award winning service and technical support.

HostGator is a very environmentally friendly web hosting company and is purchasing 130% of its energy from green sources, which means that it is putting energy back into the environment. It has achieved this by investing in wind power in Texas, where the company is based, as well as by switching to servers that are 36% more energy efficient to further reduce their impact on the environment. As is the case with accounts at HostPapa, using a HostGator account allows users to display a green accreditation badge on their website.

Even though HostGator is probably the most environmentally friendly web hosting company, because the cost of a fully featured web hosting package is so high, it means that their customers are paying for it. They do provide excellent service and reliability and their web design tools are very user friendly, but in the end even the greenest option still has to provide good value for money. For an all-around, simple shared web hosting package that has the right balance of features at a reasonable price that is also friendly to the environment, it is hard to find one that offers as much as HostPapa.

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Our #1 Rated Web Host is HostPapa

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