HostPapa vs. Go Daddy


HostPapa offers you unlimited space and bandwidth to make sure that you’re not left behind. Unlimited storage with a set price is what you expect today, and that’s exactly what you can get.

Added advantages

Most hosting service suppliers these days offer you a similar selection in terms of options, however at HostPapa there’s one thing further they supply that you don’t get anyplace else. They provide you hundreds of dollars worth of credit with numerous promoting suppliers like paid advertising companies etc. This is one thing that nobody else offers and it makes HostPapa distinctive.

Green technology

You would not essentially call this a feature though it will represent the ideals of the management of the corporation. All internet hosting at HostPapa is on 100% green technology which means that if you select to use their service, you may even be doing your bit for the environment.

30 day refund guarantee

Here again, a bit like all the internet hosting suppliers HostPapa is giving you a 100% refund guarantee inside thirty days of registering if you do not like their service. In short, any service supplier that gives you a refund guarantee gets points because it means that they’re confident of their service and place their cash where their mouth is.


Go Daddy

Go Daddy truly prides itself on its client support division. With over 3000 qualified support workers they make sure that no client of theirs suffers at any time. You’ll be able to call them on their toll free numbers, send them an email or perhaps chat on-line. They typically tend to resolve any of your issues inside twenty four hours. This is good service.

Hosting packages and options

They have an outsized array of hosting packages that begin from $9.99 a month. That’s really quite cheap, in comparison to other hosting companies. Add to this the host of other bonuses they provide like credits for paid advertising or Windows hosting, etc. and you’ll be sure that if you select Go Daddy you will be in good hands.

Unlimited bandwidth and space

This is a feature that has become a part of most internet hosting service suppliers today and Go Daddy too offers you unlimited bandwidth and disk storage to ensure you simply don’t ever run out of space for your domain.

Personal data security

The information submitted to Go Daddy is sure to be 100% shielded from being “farmed”. They’ll not sell your knowledge to any third party therefore you won’t be overrun with irritating spam mail because you signed up for their services using your personal or company’s information.

The choice is up to you when it comes to making a decision. Hosting should be about what your company needs so that you don’t have to worry later on. If you are really curious, call both companies and ask about their services. The companies will be able to tell you which features they offer that will be best for you.

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